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17 August 2021 - Missinkblot/Bendydiaries


Missinkblot is a cortortionist who is very consistent and devoted to her craft. I admire and respect her dedication and sharing so much of her practice and tips through her blog and also, instagram.

I love how she seems to know and respect her body, yet challenging it mindfully with care and understanding. I love how much personailty she has, and how it is so evident in her room, with her snakes and her personal items and also her quirky and beautiful drawings. She is so unique and herslef and I love it. I love her energy and authenticity!




10 August 2021 - Stephanie Otto

I love love love Stephanie Otto. The energy she spreads is just so magical, beautiful and high. I love the way she moves and am so inspired to move and flow. I aim to follow her Conscious Contortion classes every month(2th month now!) and stay accountable to myself in this journey of knowing myself better.

Love, Kikko © 2021